Movie release on the inland navigation river Mosel in Luxembourg

(video in English)


The Moselle has a total length of 544 kilometers. A 37 km section of the Moselle flows through the territory of joint German-Luxembourg sovereignty from Schengen to Wasserbillig.

The Moselle plays an essential role in the transport of goods around the world. About 6 million tons of goods are transshipped each year in its locks, while the river connects both people and nature thanks to its modern infrastructure.

The Moselle marks Luxembourg like no other river in terms of industry, tourism and life in general.

The Ministry of Mobility and Public Works is proud to announce the release of the English version of the movie that it has first released in 2019 and which shows, thanks to state of the art drone imagery, the infrastructure of the Mosel river and its shores.


The movie (in English) is available in two versions under the following links:


The English Version of the movie is also available on YouTube and can be shared by using the following link:

The beautiful inland navigation river Mosel in Luxembourg (English with subtitles)


You are welcome to show this movie at your premises and to incorporate it into your websites free of charge. Would you just be so kind to let us know of your intention for statistical reasons, by sending an e-mail to

If you want to reuse images of the movie you are able to do so after a written agreement (for non-profit purpose only).

A USB stick with the original German and the new English versions of the movie can also be obtained on request.


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Press release by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works

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